Don’t give up on your dreams

Hi readers, hope your well.

I gave up hope and my determination and strength to carry on trying to raise the funds I so desperately needed for me and family left me for a while. I just felt so sad, deflated and exhausted and let down trying to raise the funding’s, I so desperately need to get our home back. My children and I lost our home/business we truly love and miss so much on the 22nd of November 13 and long to go home. I will keep on trying to do all I can until our home is sold. If you have a passion for what you truly love, then keep on trying and maybe just maybe with hope and determination we could just have what you truly love and miss so much…

Take care
Karen x

I always tried to have a positive outlook throughout my life. I had a great lovely attitude once….never give up on your dreams. Keep trying don’t give up. One day it will all come together and my hard work, enthusiasm, determination will pay off….How wrong I was…..Never again will I put myself though that again. I didn’t want to be filthy rich, but in a good financial position for me and my two little son’s. Work hard towards a better life financially for us, and slowly start to build up my business plans. I just could not in 15 months get the funding to secure our future, no matter how hard I tried, I never gave up to the bitter end….We lost our home/business a few months ago, we truly miss so much. We live in a small rented house but truly grateful to of moved in, less we would of been homeless. But we miss our home so much. The saddest thing is I doubt very much I will put myself though so much heartache again, having the door slammed shut time and time again and having my hopes and dreams shatter right before my eyes. Once your drive, passion, determination but more so enthusiasm goes, without these its hard to succeed. So now, if I won the lottery I wouldn’t know what to do, of course I would help other, but sadly my own dreams have been shattered. Unless I could buy back our home/business before it’s sold. very unlikely. What I do wish for as well as our home back, I could get back naturally more so than any amount of money, is my great attitude I once had. 
I am truly sure if a rich person or a genuine philanthropist/investor by chance came across my post I am almost sure they would of genuinely by heart tried to helped me…..
Thank you for reading my blog.                

I NEED FINANCIAL HELP RIGHT NOW- Desperately Seeking Financial Assistance from genuine philanthropists/investors. Please contact me

Today’s date 17th November 13 time 4.22pm

Dear readers welcome to my blog.

I am a single mum from England with two small son’s. I am hoping and praying if you are reading this where ever you are in the world, that you may be in  financial position as a genuine philanthropist/private loan investor who can help me and offer financial assistance. I need to lend over terms and conditions a loan now of £57.257 pounds urgently before 27th November 13. If you can help me then please, get in touch.

I have put together my blog in hope, I can find an philanthropist/investor to help me in my difficult financial situation. Please feel free to stroll down or click onto my recent posts to the right of my page to read more. If you have any further questions then please get in touch with me.

I really hope you don’t get bore, but I have tried to write about my honest and sincere financial situation and why I so desperately in need of your help. Thank you for visiting my blog, and very much appreciate your financial help. Thanks

I am only looking to raise £60.000, actually now is £57.257 pounds which will completely change my financial life around. Getting the funds would secure my future, so I could then look to a far better prosperity in my life, and concentrate fully on my business goals, that would be sustainable and lead to a good profitable viable business. I missed out on some really good profitable deals due to lack of funding’s. We have to start somewhere to build up to great many things. Take care everyone

can you help financially today…… Please get in touch if you can help me urgently

URGENT URGENT URGENT…. Seeking good Samaritan. Can you help?

Today 21st October 13 I attended court, The most wonderful judge granted me extra time and we are not being evicted tomorrow, gosh I was so happy. I have a bit more time a few weeks to find a good Samaritan to really help me change our lives. Please help if you are wealthy and can offer me a loan to get the funds I need urgently or kind donations to help me raise the funds. I need to raise £58,112.00 to help totally change our lives. Please get in touch, Genuine philanthropist/private loan investor who would like to help me financially or if you would like to offer any financial support. Thank you so much if you can help and for reading my blog. If you would like then please stroll down to read more….TAKE CARE and thank you for any financial support you can offer me, that’s the most hardest financial time in ones life….

Your Faithfully
Take care and thank you

Can anyone help me with a loan please or kind donations

Raised so far £00.00 Date 9th October 13

Thank you for visiting my wordpress page.

Please, Please, Please I genuinely need financial help. I am a very fun loving honest and caring female with two adorable little sons I love with all my heart. I just need help financially to change our life. I am truly sorry for asking, but this is my only hope I have left. I’ve tried so hard from everywhere else, and I’m giving up hope…Please help. I truly would appreciate so much from the bottom of my heart any financial help before me and my sons lose our home and get evicted on the 22nd of this month October 13

I am urgently seeking funding’s of £60.000. See my other posts on here. I am truly sorry for asking this way, but I’m really desperate and hoping I could get help financially in any way. I know someone isn’t going to donate £60.000 to a total stranger what ever the good cause is unless you are extremely good philanthropist with plenty of money to help me.
I’m hoping for any kind Donations to help me or a private investor who will loan me the funding’s to help me out of this horrible mess and save our home.
I bring in a reasonably good income each month but my current mortgage is to high each month to pay and other bills too, is leaving me really struggling and getting into arrears, and a single mum trying my best. I don’t have my business anymore which I loved so much and had to stop trading a few years ago due to a horrible ex husband, and now trying to rebuild our lives for me and my children. Me and the kids love so much our home and I don’t want to lose that as well.
If your a philanthropist a private investor who can loan me the funding of £60.000 to buy from my current mortgage urgently before we lose our home. Please read my other posts on here for further details.
if anyone kindly makes any donations using the donation button to help me quickly raise the money and would like me to pay you back then please leave your details or if you would like me to pay it back to your chosen charity, please as well leave details. If any donations I receive to help me raise the funds I will pay every penny back to you or give it all back to charity. I just need your help at the moment to get me back on my feet and save our home urgently before it is too late….I have a matter of weeks to raise the funds. We haven’t got anywhere to move to or money to pay for removal company, high deposits and rent up front and fee’s and not even a house to move into. No family/friends to stay with and help. I only have my special dad and he lives with us and so worried for his daughter. He’s on pension and getting older and I don’t want to keep worrying him.
I used to be very business mined, confident, a great fun loving outgoing personality and a business I loved so much, until I got married in 2008 who totally change my whole life, and so glad we are not together. I am now holding on to everything I have worked so hard for by the grip of my teeth for me and my sons future and trying to get my life back together again.

If anyone can help me financially, then please please get in touch. If you can’t help me, please pray for me that someone very very soon will come along and help me financially. Thank you x

If you would like to help me with a donation, please stroll down to donation button. The donation button takes about 6/8 seconds to up load. Thank you for reading.

Take care
Your sincerely
Karen Ross


00.00 funds raised Date 25th September 13 time 14.54pm
I am totally devastated……I have no more tears left……….Today I received from the courts my eviction date for the 22nd of October13 at 11am. Not only one repossession I have had to deal with, one is bad enough and heart-breaking but having two repossession so close together is just to much to go through on my own. Me and my family will be homeless. We have know where to go. I can’t even get a nice rented house as my credit rating is so bad now. I don’t know were we will end up and how my life will turn out.

The confident happy fun loving caring female determined full of energy good health I once was is totally giving up. I used to believe the saying work hard keep determined and never give up and all your hard determination will see you through all the bad times and eventually you’ll get there. I’m finding that hard to believe now. I have worked so hard for years and tried everything for over 12 months to raise £60.000 it felt like I was trying to raise £60.000 million and get nowhere, to help me financially get on my feet. I am now left with a mountain of debt. A loan company will also be hassling me for the debt I own on my bungalow that has been recently repossessed and once they repossess my home I will be hassled for that too. My outstanding mortgage balance is £236,889.30 on 6th September 13 and my arrears is £37,511.04. and other bills too that are in arrears. If I could of got the help from the banks or loan could of totally change my life so much and saved me from all this stress I have had to go through. I had the income to pay back at a vast reduce mortgage but couldn’t get any help. Just unfair……So at my last attempt if anyone could offer there kind help before me children and my children lose our home soon, I would truly so much appreciate you.
Thank you so much for reading my desperate plea for financial help

If you would like to help me and Donate, please stroll down the page or see please donate and kindly help me out of this financial mess
on the right hand Colum. Thank you

Take care
Yours faithfully
Karen Ross